About Us

Bay To Bay Pool Service stands as the premier pool service company in the Tampa Bay area. Our expertise lies in pool maintenance, encompassing pool chemical service, cleaning, and top-notch pool repairs throughout the Tampa Bay region. Since 1972, we have been the preferred choice for thousands of residential clients, offering comprehensive pool services.

Why should I choose Bay to Bay over other pool cleaners?

Our cleaning professionals exhibit exceptional proficiency in pool maintenance. Our services are not only effective and fast but also reasonably priced. Whether you need regular pool cleaning or occasional full-service cleaning for your entire pool equipment, we handle it all with utmost expertise. We prioritize the safety of swimmers, ensuring the pool’s chemistry is meticulously balanced. Our use of top-quality chemicals in the right proportions guarantees that the water remains gentle on the eyes and skin, ensuring a pleasant swimming experience.

Call Us 813-839-5977 for details and price quotes in the Tampa Bay area.

What our clients say

Thank you for your great service. Your pool service is very reliable and wonderful. I wish I could have found your service many years ago. I would definitely recommend you to my friends.

Alex Brown

Your company has provided excellent service for several years. In addition to keeping the pool looking great, your team is always proactive and gives us early warning on potential problems.

Kelly Wright

I am so glad. My pool was a mess, but this guys cleaned and fixed my pool. The work is amazing, the pool sparkles and I just wouldn’t use anyone else for my pool service. Thank you so much.

Peter Griffin
Client 2
Client 1